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I need to fly from Germany to US ASAP. I’m holding EU passport [duplicate]

My partner live in the states and I live in Europe. We not married so no legal union. However I still wanna go to him in the States ASAP. The Schengen travel van should expire today but no news of ...
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Traveling to US from Canada by car. Are borders open? [duplicate]

It's a simple question: can Canadians drive across the border into the US? It would be to visit and not for work purposes. What restrictions and requirements are still in place given COVID? What up to ...
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Does the USA Coronavirus 2019-nCoV travel ban in China include Taiwan? [duplicate]

I plan on traveling to Taiwan soon. Trying to understand the scope of the travel ban. Flights have not been cancelled.
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In 2023, Are there COVID testing requirements for US citizens re-entering the US via air? [duplicate]

As of January 24, 2023, are there any COVID-19 testing requirements for US citizens flying back to the US from abroad? The CDC page on the topic is very confusing with lots of clauses for travel from ...
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Can B2 visa holders leave and reenter the US right now? [duplicate]

I'm on a B2 visitor visa in the US. I want to go back go the UK for christmas. If I did so would I be able to reenter the country right now? Or would I be denied entry?
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Where can I find current authoritative information about COVID-19 related travel bans to the US? [duplicate]

BBC News reports: Under President Donald Trump, the federal government has banned non-citizens from coronavirus-hit regions entry, but US citizens are allowed back into the country after a two-week ...
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Traveling to the United States in 2022 without a Covid vaccine [duplicate]

As of 2022, is it required to have a Covid vaccination certificate to enter the United States? Does this depend on the state or mode of transportation? Are there exemptions for negative tests or prior ...
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Enter US from Hong Kong during covid possible? [duplicate]

I am wondering whether I as HK resident (German citizen) can currently enter the United States by flying from Hong Kong (via transit in Vancouver) to Seattle Tacoma airport? In the following link it ...
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Travelling to the US on tourist visa (Covid 19) [duplicate]

I am an Indian passport holder having a German Permanent Residency. I have a 10 year US B1/B2 visa. I am going to the US (transiting in Mexico for 30 days). Do the entry restrictions apply to tourist ...
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Restricted travel to new york? [duplicate]

I am booked to fly to New York JFK airport from Dublin, Ireland on the 2nd July, I am an Irish citizen. I am a resident of Ireland. Can I travel on that date or are restrictions in place that will ...
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Can I travel to US from India in Dec 2020 on B1/B2 Visa? [duplicate]

I and my wife have a valid B1/B2 US visa. We intend to travel to US from India in the first week of December 2020 to attend my brothers wedding. Under the current Covid condition, I am not clear on ...
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Can American mother living in France bring French father with her to the US right now? [duplicate]

I live in the US. My parents want to come and visit me. My mother now has dual citizenship France/US (born and raised in US, moved to France later). My father is only French. My mother believes right ...
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Authoritative website listing the COVID19 banned countries for entry into the US [duplicate]

Please consider taking action (vote below) to re-open the question As good as the community wiki is regarding the subject matter, it is NOT authoritative (issued by the authorities). As such this ...
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Is there still a way you can get into the US as an international traveller without Covid vaccination? [duplicate]

I am wondering if there is still some way to enter the US without a vaccine passport as an international traveller. (UK-based) To give a bit of context, I can not take the jab because of religious ...
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During this travel ban (COVID) can my wife come visit me in the USA? I know I can visit there but not sure about her coming here [duplicate]

She is dutch and I am a US citizen. Her immigrant visa case is in the process and applied for.
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