This community wiki explains the current restrictions by the United States of America on the entry of individuals who may pose a risk of transmission of the SARS-Cov2, the virus which causes the Covid-19 disease.


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This answer currently lists nationwide entry restrictions imposed by the United States federal (national) government in response to COVID-19. There used to be state-specific restrictions (such as for Hawaii) but those have been replaced with nationwide rules by November 8th 2021.

Travelers who do not already have a valid visa and will need one for their planned travel should note that the US Embassies and Consulates are open at this time for limited services. Check the website of the consulate in your country for more information.

Vaccination requirement

As of May 12, 2023, there is no requirement to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before traveling to the US.

  • Lifting of air entry restrictions:
  • Lifting of land entry restrictions:
    • DHS announcement
    • US-Canada land border restriction termination notice
    • US-Mexico land border restriction termination notice

However, a separate requirement as part of the existing medical exam requirement, means that new immigrants must still receive the COVID vaccine prior to receiving such a visa.

COVID-19 test requirement

There is no requirement to do a COVID-19 test before traveling to the US.

The requirement for a COVID-19 test for people flying from China was lifted on March 10, 2023 at 3pm EST.


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