From a previous question it seems there are fully refundable tickets. Are such tickets there in economy class also ?

I tried some options on akbartravels.com but in most flights two-thirds costs seem to be surcharges and taxes which I guess would be non-refundable.

Am I reading it right ?

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  • Yes there are fully refundable economy class flights. Usually they are more expensive than discount business class so think carefully about if you need the flexibility. Some airlines apply a small fee to process the refund (usually less than US$20).
    – Calchas
    Oct 31 '16 at 16:12

Tip: Only use search engines to find out who flies between the city pairs and use the airline website for actual booking, you will have a much better selection.

I happen to know Qatar has free-to-cancel tickets and on a random date it was actually cheapest on Kayak so I checked Mumbai-Johannesburg on qatarairways.com and the fares / cancel fees in Economy Promo | Saver | Value | Flexi are 19016 / 2340 | 21846/ 2005 | 30803 / 1340 | 45724 / 0 . So Economy Flexi is free to cancel but the 2.5 times cheaper Promo is not horrible to cancel either.

Etihad, another very cheap option has a similar price range of 20223-42033 INR but the cancel fees are much steeper, 7000-1000 -- even the most expensive ticket costs to cancel.

Since I searched kayak and it indicated Kenyan Airways as a cheap option as well, I first checked whether it's safe and it passed IATA IOSA so it's OK then checked the prices and I found three sources on their website giving contradictory information about whether the Economy Super Flex is free to refund or not. A call would be required.


You can also find full refundable fly tickets out of India on http://www.jetairways.com/EN/IN/Home.aspx There is no cancellation fee for the ECONOMY FLEXI and the cheapest options starts by 25 000 INR e.g. for flight Delhi - Bangkok


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