I'm in London for 5 days and I'll travel with only tram&buses. I need to find an off-line app (Android || iPhone) which can display bus map; It would be a plus if I can plan a journey with it.

I've search on Google with no luck.


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As @neubery commented, the London bus map is divided into six reasonably sized spider-maps, namely,

  1. Central London Bus Map
  2. Central London Night Bus Map
  3. North-West London Bus Map
  4. North-East London Bus Map
  5. South-East London Bust Map
  6. South-West London Bust Map

You could simply download the relevant PDFs on your phone, zoom in and plan your journey yourself. I use maps 1 and 2 myself and it's very well drawn! Although it might be a tad difficult to use on a mobile screen, these six PDFs do seem like a simple solution especially since you can search for text on them.

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