Does an Indian citizen, living in Canada on a student permit, need a visa to visit Trinidad for a holiday?


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NO, you don't need a visa. Source: https://klm.traveldoc.aero


Make sure to also examine the visa requirements, if any, of any intermediate countries you'll land in while on your way to and from Trinidad. You may need a transit visa for particular intermediate countries or airports.


According to Timatic, the system airlines use to determine whether you can be admitted to a country or not, you do not need a visa for Trinidad itself when traveling on an Indian passport.

Trinidad and Tobago (TT)

Visa required.

Visa Exemptions: …

Nationals of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Rep., Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Israel, Japan, Korea (Rep.), Nicaragua, Peru, Russian Fed., Turkey, USA, Uruguay and Venezuela for a maximum stay of 90 days. …

- Visitors must hold return/onward ticket

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