So im flying to CLT-DTW on delta with ONLY a 52min LAYOVER for my DTW-CDG(Paris) flight,im flying with Air France which is a partner of delta, will i have to go through security again? and i cant find a clear answer as when international flights close the doors cause i know 52min is tight but seeing how they should be in the same concourse im worried but not too worried. either way vert stressful cause i have no idea how international layovers work

  • until I know, there is not differences between domestic and international area in US airport. You will need to go thru security only once in US.
    – Marcel P.
    Mar 14, 2018 at 19:08
  • To expand on Marcel's answer. As we might expect, International arrivals are separated by Immigration and Customs, so you need to clear security again if connecting to a Domestic flight. International and Domestic departures seem connect air-side so no second security is usually needed. However in some cases (eg. EWR A->C) you need to spot an air-side shuttle bus or you can find yourself outside security.
    – djna
    Mar 15, 2018 at 10:19

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52 minutes should be just enough time for this connection, if your CLT-DTW flight is on time. I spot checked some flights on Flight Aware and the ones I saw almost always arrive 15-20 minutes early.

Boarding will close 20 minutes before departure for your Air France flight. If you're on time, this leaves you 32 minutes to travel at most 1.6 km through the terminal:

Your flights will both arrive and depart from the same terminal, but your gates may be on opposite ends of the terminal. I spot checked some flights on Flight Aware and they seem to have a different gate every day, but always in the McNamara Terminal concourse A. Since the terminal is 1.6km long, you may need to make use of the Express Tram. Or you may find that your departure gate is just a few meters away from your arrival gate.

You will not need to go through security again.

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