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Questions about travel through Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (IATA: DTW) serving Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA as well as the Windsor, Ontario area in Canada. DTW is a major hub for Delta Air Lines and a key SkyTeam gateway.

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1 hour connection Domestic to International flight in Detroit DTW

In November 2023 I'm taking a cruise from Los Angeles to Miami through the Panama Canal. From Miami I have a domestic flight with Delta to Detroit (DTW). In Detroit I only have one hour to catch my ...
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Is Ann Arbor within reasonable Lyft/Uber range of DTW?

My family is going to a wedding in Ann Arbor. From a map, it looks like it's within reason to Lyft or Uber from the DTW airport. (Where "reasonable" means something like "under $50".) Does this make ...
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Tight connection, US domestic to international flight at DTW (Detroit)

So im flying to CLT-DTW on delta with ONLY a 52min LAYOVER for my DTW-CDG(Paris) flight,im flying with Air France which is a partner of delta, will i have to go through security again? and i cant find ...
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Cheapest way from DTW Airport to Auburn Hills, MI? [closed]

I would like to know first if DTW is the most convenient International Airport nearby Auburn Hills, MI? And what is the cheapest way to get a ride from the Airport to Auburn Hills?
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In which airport am I expected to clear customs and immigration?

I'm an Indian citizen, travelling from Kolkata to Detroit via Delhi and Amsterdam. I've a flight with Air India from Kolkata to Delhi and a flight with KLM from Delhi to Detroit, with a stop at ...
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Can I print my Spirit boarding pass at some kiosk at the airport, without having to pay $10?

I just did the online check in for Spirit Airlines (USA) and was told to print the boarding pass, otherwise it'd cost $10 at the airport. Is there a way for me to print it for free (i.e. without ...
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Does DTW have faster security for United premier access holders?

I have a fight scheduled where I can't get to the airport as early as I would like, I don't want to miss my flight and I want to know if purchasing premier access could be worth it.
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PR of Canada travelling to Cincinnati, layover at Detroit on a B1/B2 visa

I am travelling to Cincinnati from Lester B Pearson Intl airport with a layover in Detroit. I have a B1/B2 visa. I am also a Canadian PR. Will I have to go through customs when I land in Detroit? If ...
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How to get from Detroit Airport to Greyhound Station?

How do I get from Detroit Metro Airport to the Greyhound Station on Howard street? My flight lands at 8:00am and the bus leaves at 12:10 from the Greyhound Station. How can I get to the station on ...
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