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Zoological gardens, parks or similar usually open to the public where animals may be displayed, studied, conserved or bred.

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Place with well-treated elephants on Bali or Lombok, Indonesia?

I'm planning a trip to Indonesia: Lombok and Bali, and I'd love to see elephants there. It's clear that most of the elephant parks are about as ethical as animal circuses and constantly abuse the ...
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Is it possible to safely park a bicycle near the entrance of the Ouwehands Dierenpark?

I plan to visit Ouwehands Dierenpark with a friend, and to move more quickly around we plan to use bicycles and carry them with us on trains. Is it possible to safely park a bicycle near the entrance ...
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Are there any tiger sanctuaries in Thailand that prioritize animal welfare?

The girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Thailand and really hope to make animals a centerpiece of our trip. We already have a plan to see elephants at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai ...
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National Zoo vs The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore vs Philadelphia Zoo [closed]

I have a chance later this year to visit one of the following zoos: National Zoological Park in DC The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore Philadelphia Zoo Only considering the quality of the zoo (not ...
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Where from can I catch the copenhagen zoo snake bus?

Can anyone tell me where I can catch the copenhagen zoo snake bus in order to go to the zoo. Is it possible to catch it someplace close to the center ?
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Ijen crater and batu secret zoo from Surabaya

I am going to Surabaya from where we plan to take a Mt. Bromo tour. I was wondering if anyone has been to Ijen Crater and Batu secret zoo. Is it worth the travelling distance? Bearing in mind that I ...
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The best way to get from Stockholm to Kolmården zoo by public transport

I'm going to visit Stockholm with kids and wonder what is the best option to get to the Kolmården zoo. My first thought was to take the train as the fastest transport, but as far as I understand, ...
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How close to the animals are the walking trails at San Diego Zoo Safari Park?

I'd like to visit the Safari Park (formerly known as Wild Animal Park) in San Diego. I'm debating which lens should I use for it, but that would depend on the distance to the animals. Does anyone know ...
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