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Questions tagged [maryland]

Questions regarding visiting state of Maryland.

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Public Transit from Dulles and BWI to Bowie MD Sun. May 2nd AM

My adult brother and sister are coming to visit a very sick relative tomorrow morning. The public transit advice on Google Maps lists numerous transfers and travel times of 9 to 11 hours. Start #: ...
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What do I need to prepare for if I am making a trip out of state from New York?

I'm planning to make a trip from New York to Maryland to attend my father's retirement - it's scheduled to take place in September. Recently, Maryland was added to the list of travel-restricted states ...
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How safe is Baltimore Washington Airport Amtrak station at night? [closed]

I am taking Amtrak train from New York Penn Station to Baltimore Washington International Airport Amtrak station next month. I am reaching BWI Airport Amtrak station at 2AM. After getting down from ...
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Parking in Washington DC

We (2 adults, 1 teen and 2 older folks) are visiting relatives in Washington, DC this summer (July 9, 10, 11). They reside in the Brookmont, Maryland area. As far as I can understand, driving and ...
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National Zoo vs The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore vs Philadelphia Zoo [closed]

I have a chance later this year to visit one of the following zoos: National Zoological Park in DC The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore Philadelphia Zoo Only considering the quality of the zoo (not ...
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Baltimore to Las Vegas- why does the flight path change from day to day

The flight path consistently changes from day to day, I understand sometimes it is due to weather but occasionally there are no storms and the flight will still be flying in a "funky" pattern. Just ...
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Is there an automated way to find tolls on a given US/Canadian driving route? [duplicate]

To my knowledge the only way to estimate the toll for a route, i.e. from Baltimore, Maryland, USA to Guelph, Ontario, Canada, is as follows. Get the list of highways route info from Google maps. Go ...
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2 answers

Wild game for lunch or dinner, in northern Virginia, USA?

I am planning to go to visit friends in northern Virginia and I wonder if there are restaurants or diners or food stands that serve wild game in the area? Like venison, wild boar, and the like... No ...
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How to travel from/to Washington Dulles and Annapolis?

I've seen a related post on how to get to/from Dulles airport, but I wanted to see if there is any specific further advice to traveling from the airport to Annapolis. Maybe the advice given will also ...
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Waterfalls you can walk behind near Maryland, USA

My girlfriend has always wanted to stand behind a waterfall. I'm hoping to propose to her at one. Anybody know of any near Maryland, USA?
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3 answers

Two nights in Baltimore (MD): what parts of town to visit for dinner/drinks?

I am staying in Baltimore, Maryland for two days for business during the day. Any good tips what where I should go in the city for food and drinks in the evening (for a non US-citizen)?
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