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Vienna International Airport in Austria.

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Does a Salvadoran national need a transit visa to go through LHR airside on way to USA?

I am traveling VIE-LHR-LAX and back later this year and want to clarify some things. I am a Salvadoran national (SLV) living in Austria with a valid residence permit. If I input this into the UK Home ...
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How likely is standby on Austrian Airlines?

I booked a flight LAX to VIE on Austrian Airlines and somehow booked the return August 30 instead of July 30! Tickets have ballooned in price to astronomical rates :(. How likely is it that I get on ...
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2 answers

Vienna airport 25 minute connection: is this realistic?

Vienna airport is famous for its 25 minute minimum connection time and United Airline is actually offering me an itinerary with exactly that: OS to OS transfer from Schengen arrival to a non-Schengen ...
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Flying from Washington Dulles to Prague on Austrian Airlines with layover in Vienna; will I have to collect and recheck luggage in Vienna?

I am flying from Washington Dulles to Prague on Austrian Airlines (both tickets) with layover in Vienna. Will I have to collect and recheck luggage in Vienna? Currently I have a 4 hour layover but am ...
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Half an hour layover in Vienna between international flights

I arrive from an internal flight in Vienna and have half an hour layover in Vienna for my next international flight, booked as one ticket. No other possible flight. Will I make it? If not, then what?
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4 votes
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How to travel from Vienna airport to Győr

I need a fast and reliable ride from Vienna airport to Győr downtown on a specific day at a specific time (leaving about 12:30 on a Wednesday). I arrive by plane to VIE. What options do I have? By ...
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From where exactly does the airport bus near Schottentor U2 in Vienna leave?

My app and this site insists there is an airport bus going from Schottentor/Liechtensteinstrasse to the airport. I have been at Schottentor many times. I am unable to find either bus or ...
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Fastest public transport from Vienna airport into city center?

I'm landing at Vienna airport on a Friday (work day) at 17h35 and I'm supposed to attend a meeting at 19h00 close to Stephansplatz in the 1st district. I have only carry-on luggage and an EU passport, ...
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How to get from Vienna airport (VIE) to Bratislava airport (BTS)?

Vienna airport (VIE) and Bratislava airport (BTS) are very close but in different countries. Googling I've found how to get from VIE to Vienna city center, then to Bratislava and finally get to BTS ...
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How to book a flight from Manchester to Vienna with free cancellation?

I would like to book a flight, from Manchester to Vienna, with a ticket eligible for free cancellation. How can I get that and which airline offer this free cancellation option or (refundable ticket)?...
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2 answers

Do Ukrainian citizens require a transit visa at Vienna travelling form Ukraine to Serbia? [duplicate]

I am travelling from Ukraine to Serbia, transfer via Vienna airport? Do I need transit visa in this case?
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Change flights in Vienna and time of Austrian Airlines flight

I booked a ticket from Brussels to Amman thru Vienna as a connection flight on the same airline, Austrian airlines. The first flight from Brussels to Vienna is S8172. It arrives at 8:50. The flight ...
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Transit visa needed? Canada > Vienna > Iran

Do I need a transit visa to travel from Canada through Vienna to Iran? I am an Iranian citizen and I am staying in Canada on a Visa. Now I am returning to Iran and my flight has a layover time of 11 ...
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Travelling from India to Ukraine. Do I need Transit Visa for Vienna? [duplicate]

I am traveling from Delhi to Kiev( Ukraine) via Vienna. Do I need a transit Visa? Transit time is 2 hrs. I hold an Indian passport and Visa for Ukraine.
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2 answers

Is layover time of 1hr and 5 min enough at Vienna International Airport to catch the next connecting flight?

I am travelling to San Francisco, and my itinerary has two layovers, first leg of the journey is from DEL(Delhi) to Vienna (layover 1 hour 5 min) the second leg is from Vienna to Frankfurt (layover 1 ...'s user avatar
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How can I find the arrival gate for a flight?

Finding the departure gate of any flight in real time is not a big deal, however arrival gates are more tricky. I checked at least four airport websites, and none of them provides such details. Is ...
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Is there a reason to prefer the bus to the train in the Czech Republic?

I'm traveling to Brno for a conference, and am making last-minute travel plans. The recommendation is to fly into Vienna and take ground transportation from there, as Brno's own airport is very small. ...
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