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Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IATA: IAH) is the main international airport serving Houston, Texas, and a key gateway between the United States and Latin America.

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Houston IAH international to international transfer timescales

I’m flying into IAH from LHR on a BA flight, looking to then fly to Cancun CUN on a United Airlines flight, how long should I allow for the transfer, and upon arrival, do I need to collect luggage, go ...
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changing airlines in Houston

I will be arriving into Houston Intercontinental at 3.15pm. from New Zealand and have to go through immigration and customs before connecting to Savannah at 6.15p.m. Is this enough time?
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Flying from Auckland to Winnipeg via Houston. Do I need to go through customs in Houston? [duplicate]

I'm Canadian flying through from Auckland to Winnipeg via Houston. Do I need to go through customs in Houston?
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Is 54 minutes enough to transfer from domestic to international in Houston?

I'm currently scheduled to fly from New Orleans (MSY) to Mexico City (MEX), with a 54-minute transit in Houston (IAH). Both flights are on United, and I think they're on United mainline, not Express. ...
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Spending pesos at IAH

I have a layover in Houston on the way back from Mexico, and I have a small amount of money left in pesos. Will I be able to buy food with pesos in the airport, or would I have to exchange them first?
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Will I need to recheck my bags through security for a layover flight?

In October, I am flying from CVG to IAH for a 3 hour layover then to LAX. Both flights are on the same ticket and with same airline. On the ticket, it says there will be terminal changes. Will I need ...
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Does United's Harvey travel waiver apply to flights that have some legs or all legs operated by partner airlines?

Due to the flooding caused by hurricane Harvey, United is currently waiving change fees and any difference in fare if you rebook flights departing from, arriving at or connecting through IAH. Doing ...
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Is there a store selling T-Mobile SIM cards in Houston's IAH International Airport?

If so, which terminal? (Hopefully Terminal D.) Specifically I'd like to buy a prepaid SIM card ideally without leaving IAH on a BYOD 'Simply Prepaid' T-Mobile plan for just one month while I am ...
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Economical yet reliable option to travel to IAH airport from around Houston

What are some of the economical (cheapest) yet reliable option to travel from around Houston, Texas area to IAH Georgebush Intercontinental Airport. Update: To be very exact I am looking for options ...
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Returning ESTA line at IAH?

Could anyone inform me if there is a returning ESTA line in IAH? I am flying there from The Netherlands and have found mostly comments about the airport claiming it is 'the slowest airport ever' and ...
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Alternate routes to travel from Houston International airport to Lafayette, Louisiana

I have a flight reaching Houston International airport at 14:00 hrs. I have a connecting flight within 1hr and 30 mins. If I miss this flight due to immigration and customs delay, I would like to know ...
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Immigration time at Houston airport

I am travelling from Mumbai to Lafayette via Munich-Houston. As Houston will be my first port of entry in US, I will have to go through immigration. The layover time at Houston airport is one and half ...
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Can I buy a Houston METRO Q Fare Card at the airport?

Is it possible to buy a METRO Q Fare card in or near the George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas? The METRO web site provides a list of retailers which sell these cards, but I don't know ...
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