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A country in West Africa.

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Dual Citizen (FR/SN) - Can I enter Senegal with foreign passport?

I am a French and Senegalese citizen. Is it REQUIRED to enter Senegal on my Senegalese passport? (I know it is easier... I am curious from a strictly legal perspective).
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Would an affidavit signed with a commissioner of oaths, be enough to replace my missing yellow fever certificate? I'm going to Senegal from Paris

I'm travelling from Paris to Senegal and back (with stopovers in Madrid both ways). I have a valid yellow fever vaccination but I've lost the yellow certificate and the clinic where I got the ...
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Senegal visa on Angolan passport

According to various sources, Senegal has totally scrapped its visa requirements. Is this applicable to ALL countries though? I have an Angolan passport. If I look at the visa policy for Senegal, it ...
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What is the quickest route to Nioloko-Koba National Park(Senegal) from Gambia?

I've been reading many trip reports that cover The Gambia and Senegal in a single trip, but very few go into detail on which routes they are taking. We will only have 2 weeks and want to focus on The ...
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Information on Dakar to Tangier public transport [closed]

Question Looking for resources about public transport from Senegal/Dakar to Tangier/Morocco. Any information or internet sites are apprecaited regarding bus, shuttle bus, taxi, train. Research ...
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Buying local currency in Senegal

I'm visiting Dakar, Senegal in a couple of days for a scientific workshop. We won't be travelling much but I will need enough local currency (which is the West African CFA franc) for a meal or two and ...
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cancelled stamp in passport [closed]

My problem is that 2 months ago i wanted to travel from Ghana to Senegal but forgot my invitation letter. Senegal immigration would not admit me without an invitation letter, Now I'm back but Ghana ...
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How to get safe through Mauritania

I'm considering road trip from Morocco to Gambia/Senegal. The main problem is Mauritania since it is being told not to be safe country. So my main question is whether there are some very safe or at ...
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Boats/ferries/cargos from Dakar to Cape Verde islands?

I'm wondering if it is possible to catch a boat from Senegal mainland to Cape Verde and how much/long it would cost.
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Can I get visas for Nigeria and Ghana in Senegal?

I am traveling multiple countries soon, but my travel document is taking longer than expected. I anticipate that I can get the visa for at least the first country before my departure. Would I be able ...
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Where can I see a Mbalax performance in Dakar?

I'd like to see a performance of Mbalax, a type of dance music in Senegal incorporating modern music and traditional drumming. Is it very common? Where in the city can I go (as a tourist) to witness ...
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Are there any country- or city-specific dishes I can try whilst in Dakar, Senegal?

I'd like to know what traditional foods/dishes exist, if any, and how I should go about locating places that sell them :) I am not really looking for modern cuisine, I'm looking for local food that ...
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