I am traveling multiple countries soon, but my travel document is taking longer than expected. I anticipate that I can get the visa for at least the first country before my departure. Would I be able to get the visas for the following countries in the first one I am visiting?

I am an asylee in the US and have applied for a Travel document with the USCIS, but it is taking longer than expected.

I will be traveling to Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana this summer. I am anticipating that I will not have the time to get the visas for Nigeria and Ghana before my travel date.

Can I get those from their respective embassies in Senegal?

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    This VERY much depends on which country you're in, which you want the visa for, and what your citizenship is. Can you please clarify by editing your question? – Mark Mayo Jun 3 '14 at 12:36

The website of the Ghanaian Embassy in Dakar is down at the moment, but according to Google's cached version it states:


  • Should be Officially Resident in Senegal

The website of the Nigerian Embassy does not list any such requirement; I suggest you contact them to determine whether it is allowed.

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