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Is trying on multiple shoes before purchasing considered rude or inappropriate in the US?

During my trip to the US, I visited several shopping malls and tried on multiple shoes before making a purchase. However, I noticed that the salespeople seemed unhappy when I asked to try on a few ...
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Why do American gas stations' bathrooms apparently use these huge keys?

In one episode of Beavis and Butt-head from the 1990s, they are out back at a gas station. There is a vending machine with a bathroom door on each side of it marked "MEN" and "WOMEN&...
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How to avoid offending people from different cultures when travelling?

This is an 'indivisible problem' about travelling. Sometimes what we may consider at home to be normal would be abnormal where we are. So, we need to be selective about the things we say. Keeping ...
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Are there any alternatives to the handshake worldwide?

In many Western countries (at least before current events), the handshake dominates as a physical ritual people perform when they meet each other. Are there countries with an alternative physical ...
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Is Thursday a “party” day in Spain or Germany?

I’m from Brazil, and here, in almost every city, Thursdays are days which adults (> 25 y/o) go out and have some fun, staying up until late even if they got to go to work the next Friday morning. ...
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Is EBM music regularly played anywhere social in South East Asia?

EBM music is an electronic "dark" and "underground" dance music with a few subtypes. Example: "New School" subtype Example: Industrial subtype Example: Anhalt subtype EBM music originated in Belgium ...
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Why are there some mini-trucks blasting psy/techno music while driving around Yangon?

I have seen many mini-trucks blasting (> 90 dB) psy/techno music while driving around Yangon with some decent sound system. Example: Why are there some mini-trucks blasting psy/techno music while ...
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Is it okay to order a pot of tea in Australia and ask for an extra cup?

When ordering a pot of tea in Australia at a cafe is it OK to ask for two cups? A pot of tea is usually served with only one cup. I like drinking tea but I only drink one cup and I realized that a ...
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How would Japanese people react to someone refusing to say “itadakimasu” for religious reasons?

So, it’s my understanding that in Japan it’s considered to be polite to say “itadakimasu” before eating. From what I’ve read, it seems that the meaning of this phrase derives from Buddhist and Shinto ...
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Why does there seem to be an extreme lack of public trashcans in Taiwan?

After visiting Taiwan a fair amount of times, this is something that has struck me as quite odd. I've never seen a country quite like Taiwan where there is a very obvious lack of public trashcans. It ...
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Why is blowing your nose rude in Japan?

I need to find out the reason blowing your nose is seen rude in Japan. I keep searching and find things labeled, "Is blowing your nose in public bad in Japan". I know it is bad, I want to know why it ...
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What are this "equations" on door's frames in Germany? [duplicate]

While doing a round trip with my girl and friends, we have found a peculiar encryption on the frames of some doors in South Germany
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"You look tired!" In which countries is this a compliment? [closed]

In which countries/cultures is "You look tired" a compliment? A travel for work and I often hear the phrase "You look tired" delivered as a compliment. The underlying message seems to be "You are ...
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What are some significant places of un-touched natural beauty, traditional culture and history in Thailand? [closed]

My sister, Brother in Law and Partner are heading to Thailand in July this year for 2 weeks. We are flying into Bangkok and flying out of Phuket. What are some of the cultural, natural and historical ...
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Can you also slurp soups that don't have any noodles in Japan?

I am writing a paper and couldn't find sources on just slurping the soups. Could anyone help.
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Is it ok to hug in Abu Dhabi airport? [duplicate]

I’m visiting my girlfriend who moved to Abu Dhabi for work. Is it ok to hug when we meet at the airport or is it something we should avoid? We are not married and it’s my first time in UAE, so I ...
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Is it common/accepted to bring a dog in Tuscany (Italy)?

I understand Italian people have a very different etiquette when it comes to dining etc. Would we be allowed to bring a small dog to most terraces/restaurants? This will be in small towns, not tourist ...
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Why do Indian restaurants in India serve food items in every plate, while those in the U.S. simply put it out on the table?

I've noticed that when ordering food at an Indian restaurant here in the U.S., the waiters simply place the different food items on the table. However, when I travel to India and dine at local ...
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Is it ok to take a break near the cycle path, on the grass, in Netherlands?

Today was the first time I cycled in Netherlands. I really enjoyed it. I cycled from Amsterdam to the North Sea and back to Amsterdam. When I was cycling on the cycle path I became thirsty and tired ...
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Does wearing imperial beard in the UK attract any ire of general public?

I love Imperial beard, which is also known as Friendly Mutton Chops. Take this for an example: Source: Maria Ly, via Wikimedia Commons Here is a another gentleman that more people can relate to: ...
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Where can I find Taizé groups in Barcelona?

I'm staying in Barcelona for a few days. Where I live use to go to the Taize' prayer in my Parrish. I know the prayer is international and that many people, after coming back to Taizé, start to pray ...
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Handshake while holding own right elbow

I have recently had contact with an acquaintance from Eastern Africa (I think from Ethiopia or Somalia). When the person greeted me, she shook my hand while holding her elbow of the right arm with the ...
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What to do in Japan when I don't like the food I have been served?

I'm not sure whether this belongs on the travel site or IPS, but since I'll be a tourist, I'm gonna post it here. I'm going to visit Japan soon and I'm a bit of a picky eater. I've already figured ...
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Is blowing your nose in public that badly seen in Japan?

I am about to travel to Japan for a year, and I am trying to list things that shouldn't be done in the country so that I don't offend anyone while I am there. One thing I have heard a lot is that ...
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Bringing present to a culture interview meeting in Germany?

Weird or not, I dunno, it's common in here; Iran. No matter how I hate it personally, it's considered as a gesture of good will, not bribery. My wife insists that it's a good idea to bring some ...
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What is France's traditional costume?

I like to see, and sometimes buy, traditional clothes when traveling in a new country. Though you seldom see people in poncho and sombrero in Mexico (at least in the Federal District), you can see ...
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What's this celebration in Japan?

We saw a couple of groups in the streets of Tokyo, Japan last sunday (May 28, 2017) engaged in some kind of celebration but couldn't find anyone english speaking around to explain to us what's going ...
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Is the sign of horns offensive in Australia?

I wonder if the sign of horns (holding up the first and fourth fingers) shows a positive or offending meaning. Can you please provide the meaning of this in other countries, in particular Australia? ...
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Traditional dance lessons for tourists in Korea

The Learn section of Wikivoyage's guide to South Korea mentions dancing as something you can learn, and mentions as an added bonus that you wear Han Bok, traditional Korean clothing. I tried looking ...
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Asian ladies and older man grabbing cheeks and slapping butts for children

Ok so my kids are 'suffering' (not really, lol) from elderly people in South East Asian countries (Thailand and Cambodia). Their cheeks seem to work like magnets for the hands of old ladies and they ...
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Easy way to find out what's happening in Centri Sociali and other counter-cultural spaces in Rome?

Is there a website or similar that gathers all the (public) activities in Centri Sociali and other leftist counter-cultural venues, to make it easier for an outsider to find out what's happening on a ...
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Is Prague known for their Marionette / Puppet shows?

I'm not sure if it's Prague or all of Eastern Europe in general that are known for their Marionette/Puppet shows (or if I'm mistakenly projecting it on the majestic city), but is Prague a place to ...
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Handling talkative neighbors when travelling [duplicate]

I'm travelling a lot around Brazil now, spending many hours in buses and planes every weekend. Sometimes I like to spend this time reading a book, listening to music or just looking out of the window. ...
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Non-Russian day trips from Moscow [closed]

For several years I've been making occasional short trips to Moscow for business or pleasure. As you can imagine, by now I've visited an awful lot of Russian museums, churches, galleries, restaurants,...
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What does this symbol on a door mean? (福) [closed]

I live in the Czech Republic in an area where many nationalities live. This year I noticed this strange symbol on multiple doors, although I am sure it has never been there before. What does it mean?...
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Is cheek kissing appropriate when being introduced to a woman in Latin America?

In Southern Europe it is common to give two kisses (one in each cheek) when being introduced to a woman. So when woman A meets person B (no matter if B is a he or a she), they will kiss in almost all ...
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How to politely ask people from East Asia to give way? [closed]

I've arrived in Australia 9 months ago and I've noticed that often when asking people from East Asia to "give way" they will simply ignore me or even answer a "yes" but not move at all. This is a ...
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How to get to understand a culture as best one can through the internet

I'll be going to Prague later this year during Christmas and this will be my first trip to Europe. I don't know very much as to what to expect other than some general etiquette guides from the ...
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Are public saunas linked to gay culture in England?

During my stay in Liverpool, England I was looking for a sauna and conducted a search "Liverpool sauna" on Google. Splash Sauna Liverpool was the first hit, no other saunas on the first search results ...
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What is way to eat rice with hands in front of westerners such that it doesn't appear to be yucky?

In India, we eat rice using our fingers. Generally in the West, a fork or spoon is used. I have tried eating rice with spoon but I don't feel satisfied with it. We eat dry rice but we mix curry and ...
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Would it be ok to eat rice using a spoon in front of Westerners?

It seems to me that Westerners are willing to learn to use chopsticks in Asian restaurants. However, when spoons are the way the dish is normally eaten within the country of origin, Westerners prefer ...
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Barefoot World-trip [closed]

I am an avid barefoot walker. In fact did not wear any shoes since 2 years. Did already barefoot travel in parts the western world without any mayor problem. Although in some countries I got more ...
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Parenting in the USA [closed]

My company wants me to temporally do some project in the USA (6months). I want to take my family with me. We raise our children quite independent. For example: The oldest (7) is allowed to many ...
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Which linguistically Tibetan areas of China are outside the official Tibet borders with the very strict permits/rules?

Tibet has very strict, difficult, and complex permits and rules. Basically most people visit as part of an organized tour group, which is not cheap and visiting as an independent backpacker is pretty ...
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As a Canadian, what are appropriate gifts to bring when travelling to Europe?

I live in Vancouver, Canada and will be travelling to London and Paris for several weeks in October. I will be using Airbnb and CouchSurfing. I would like to bring some small gifts for my hosts and ...
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Acceptable terms for describing black people in California

Today, our team was bought a drink or two by our company, so I was talking with an Afroamerican colleague and was trying to describe him that I had seen San Francisco in San Andreas GTA game, but he ...
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Are people wearing bright blue clothes considered gay in Russia?

As far as I remember from my one year Russian class, голубой (light blue) is used to name the color but also is a slang term for gay people. Are people wearing bright blue clothes are biased or ...
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Is there a cultural belief in Brazil or Spain that frowns upon brushing one's teeth / spitting in the kitchen sink?

I was recently told by my Brazilian roommate not to brush my teeth in the sink (I wasn't, I just spit in it) because of cultural reasons. Is there a cultural norm in Brazil / Portugal where this ...
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Short layover in Paris - do I have time to visit the city?

I have a 7½ layover in Paris en route to Toronto, I want to visit Musee Picasso, will it be possible, to do it within this time, also I am a Canadian passport holder will I be allowed to get out of ...
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Are there any Squat houses in Paris?

I will be in Paris soon and I am interested in finding squat houses due to their cultural offer. Here where I live (Madrid, Spain) there are squat houses where talks, conferences or concerts are held ...
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