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Doha International Airport (closed 27 May 2014) and/or New Doha International Airport, now known as Hamad International Airport (opened 30 April 2014).

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Doha lounge access: flying on Qatar air but Oman Air Sindbad Gold status

I am flying through Doha on an Economy class ticket however I am Oman Air Sindbad gold status. I know that Oman Air and Qatar have some partnerships. I was wondering would I be able to access any of ...
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BOS>DOH>MEL>ADL, baggage and customs questions

I'm an American citizen without much experience traveling internationally. I have a long international flight originating in Boston, USA, going through Doha, Qatar to Melbourne, Australia then to ...
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alcohol into Doha airport to Canada? [duplicate]

I am going to be returning to Canada soon from Lebanon and I will have a layover in Hamad airport in Doha. I have several bottles of alcohol in my luggage and possibly another one from Beirut ...
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Where can I refill my water bottle at Doha (DOH) airport during the COVID-19 pandemic? [closed]

The typical water refilling stations near the restroom appear to be closed: I don't know whether that's the case for all water refilling stations or just the one I saw, and whether there exist other ...
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Less than 6 month's passport validity transit through Doha

Is it possible to transit through Doha Airport (not leaving the airport) with less than 6 months validity on your passport? If entry is permitted at destination location (Sydney)
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Does a Filipino flying from Vietnam to Brazil need a visa or transit visa to layover in Istanbul or Doha Qatar?

Planning to travel from Vietnam to Brazil via Turkish Airlines with a layover in Istanbul, or via Qatar Airways with a layover is in Doha Qatar. Is it possible to layover in Istanbul or Doha without ...
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Transferring through Hamad International Airport (Doha)

I am gonna fly to Sydney next month by Qatar Airways. After the first flight, I will arrive at Hamad International Airport (First, I am flying from my country to Doha by Qatar Airways and then after ...
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Transiting Doha Hamad International Airport [duplicate]

Can you walk from terminal 1C to terminal 2 at Doha's Hamad International Airport? How long will it take? I only have one hour between flights.
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Short connecting flight in Doha. 55 minutes

I have a short connection between flights from LHR to BKK via Doha. Fifty-five minutes. What would happen if my first leg flight is delayed and I miss the connection? I'm worried that I would have to ...
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Passport validity for transiting Doha

My son will have a close to 3 month validity on his British passport when travelling from New Zealand where we now reside to the UK. We transit Doha both ways on this journey, is this short validity ...
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How bad are the transit queues at Doha airport?

How bad are the queues when transiting? In other words, how long a transit time would be a safe bet? If makes a difference, both flights are Qatar Airways, transiting between AKL and HEL. I'm ...
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How do you transfer at Doha airport?

According to this video, when transiting at Doha Airport, you'll get a colour code on your boarding pass wallet: yellow for regular transfer in the main building, yellow with an orange edge for short ...
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Sick child in airport - how can the airport help? [closed]

When I was at Doha Airport, in one of the waiting rooms, I ran across a couple who had a small baby with them. The parents were not well-off and were going to see some very ill/about-to-be-dead ...
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Prayer room in Doha International Airport within departure area

Can we access prayer room in Doha International Airport within the departure area?
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Transit visa for Dubai for Iraqi citizen [duplicate]

I want to get a round ticket to Dubai then to Srilanka. I travel to Dubai by Qatar Airways which stops in Doha then goes to Dubai, then travel to Srilanka and return to Dubai by another airline. Do ...
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Checking luggage Dublin-LHR-Doha-Kilimanjaro [duplicate]

I am flying BA from Dublin to LHR then Qatar Airlines from LHR to Doha and Kilimanjaro. Will I be able to check my luggage through from Dublin to Kilimanjaro?
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Doha layover at night

I'll arrive at Doha, Qatar (Hamad International) at 19:25 and I'll continue my trip at 02:55 so I'll have 7.5 hours at Doha. Is it worth to visit the city at night? What is the travel time to the city?...
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Lounge in Doha? [duplicate]

We are travelling to Bangkok through Doha with Qatar Airways (economy). Is there a priority pass lounge there? We are from Denmark and have a private banking priority pass and a platinum Mastercard.
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Qatar - Doha - Lounge Options

I am traveling to Vietnam soon and will have a ~6 hour layover in Doha. Since this is quite some time to kill and my connecting flight leaves at 1am from Doha I am wondering about cheap options for ...
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Does the new Doha Hamad International still offer "alcoholic left luggage", and how does it work?

Recently, Doha has switched from the old Doha International Airport to the new Hamad International airport. The new airport looks a huge improvement on the old one, which is good, but the switch does ...
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Based on departure/arrive local time, how to know if my flight will be entirely at night?

Next September (2014) I will fly on vacation from São Paulo (GRU) to Doha (DOH), leaving at 02:45 (Brazil local time) and arriving at 23:00 (Qatar local time). Assuming that the flight has 13h ...
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