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Questions about São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport (IATA: GRU), popularly known locally as Cumbica Airport, the main international airport serving São Paulo, Brazil.

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Transfering at São Paulo airport while traveling from Pakistan to Chile

My route is Pakistan-Istanbul-São Paulo with Turkish Airlines, then a transfer to LATAM Airlines to my final destination in Chile. a) Do I need a transit visa? b) Will they issue me all my boarding ...
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Does someone need a transit visa in São Paulo Brazil when having a connecting flight with a different airline but on the same ticket?

I have a Ugandan client who arrives in São Paulo on South African Airlines and after 12 hours of layover, she is supposed to depart with Copa Airlines to Panama City. Would she need a transit visa in ...
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Can I transit in São Paulo having separate flight ticket

I am a holder of Djibouti passport and currently live in Qatar. I am planing to visit Ecuador, and I want to make this trip booking two different flight tickets: first, a flight from Doha to São ...
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What will I need to do to make a international-to-domestic connection at GRU?

My wife and I are flying BOS–GRU–GIG soon. Our tickets were purchased as a single itinerary from LATAM. As we do not speak very much Portuguese, it would help us to know what to expect as we make ...
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Can I transit through GRU (São Paulo) airport without visa, if have single ticket with no check-in baggage?

I am traveling from Addis Ababa to Paramaribo (Suriname) next month. I booked ticket from from Addis Ababa to Suriname (Single booking number) with Turkish airlines from Addis Ababa to São ...
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My transfer time is enough? (Transfer at Sao Paulo - Frankfurt)

I have 1h 50min for transfer at Sao Paulo. I have no baggage and only a backpack. Is it enough time for transfer from domestic to international??
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Do I need to collect luggage if transiting through São Paulo from Johannesburg to Lima?

I am flying via São Paulo to Lima, departing from Johannesburg. My layover in Sao is now over 12 hours due to an airline schedule change. I want to book the transit hotel, but am not sure if my ...
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How to get the most out of a layover in Sao Paulo [closed]

I have a layover at São Paulo Guarulhos (GRU) during my trip through South America. I arrive Thursday 5pm local time and leave again Friday 930am. I will be staying in a hotel close to the airport, ...
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What's the best way to get from São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport to the city? [closed]

Edit 3: Define "best" however you see fit. Personally, I prioritize safety/reliability and cost over comfort and time. If you Google the above question, there are a good amount of results: buses, ...
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Is 1½ hours enough for a transit at São Paulo (GRU) airport?

I'm flying back from Fortaleza, Brazil to Paris through São Paulo and have 1h 35min transit time in São Paulo airport. I'm wondering if that is enough? I'm an EU citizen and do not require a visa to ...
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Based on departure/arrive local time, how to know if my flight will be entirely at night?

Next September (2014) I will fly on vacation from São Paulo (GRU) to Doha (DOH), leaving at 02:45 (Brazil local time) and arriving at 23:00 (Qatar local time). Assuming that the flight has 13h ...
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