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Questions tagged [environment]

Questions related to the impact travelling has on the environment.

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5 answers

Does a direct flight emit more CO2 than a flight with a layover?

On Google Flights, I searched the FRA-JFK route: It surprises me that a flight with a layover emits so much less CO2 than a direct flight, as many times I've heard the suggestion that the takeoff is ...
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Risk of old pesticides in former Soviet countries [closed]

To what extent do remaining hazardous pesticides (POPs like DDT, etc.) in the soil, groundwater, rivers etc. pose a current health risk in the food (products from supermarkets, food in restaurants ...
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Are multi-carrier flights booked with Virtual Interlining services like or GoToGate better for the environment than regular flights or worse?

I have used both and GoToGate to fly from the UK to India with multiple flights (4) on multiple carriers - it does work, and is cheaper than a regular flight with a single carrier, though ...
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Where can I refill my water bottle at Doha (DOH) airport during the COVID-19 pandemic? [closed]

The typical water refilling stations near the restroom appear to be closed: I don't know whether that's the case for all water refilling stations or just the one I saw, and whether there exist other ...
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Places to visit in Granada at night [closed]

Can anyone please suggest a source to find places to visit at night in Granada other than going into a bar? Like is there a site with a list of touristic locations opened after the usual museum/...
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How to choose flights more environmentally friendly based on adding stopovers versus (ultra-)long-haul? [closed]

Background information Wikipedia says the following on fight distance in relation to fuel consumption overall: For long-haul flights, the airplane needs to carry additional fuel, leading to higher ...
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How do I minimise waste on a flight?

I'll be taking several long-haul flights over the next month. From previous experience I know I'll probably be getting a fair bit of single-use plastic. I am keen on minimising waste, particularly ...
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Is it possible to environmentally offset long-distance air travel?

I've been doing some web research on whether it is possible to offset carbon usage‡ for non-critical long-distance air travel, or indeed whether carbon-offsetting should be rejected on the basis that ...
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Environmental impact of ferries

When I travel, I try to limit my environmental impact. I don't want to refrain from travelling completely, but when I do travel, I tend to favour ground-level transportation over air-transportation, ...
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