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The second largest Irish airline, headquartered at Dublin Airport in Cloghran, County Dublin and part of International Airlines Group (IAG).

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Adding bags to booking after outbound flight

I have a return flight booked with Aer Lingus. When I go to "Manage Booking" I can add bags to both legs of the flight. However, I'm unsure at the moment if I require 20 or 25kg for the ...
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Is it illegal to be under the influence of prescription drugs on a flight?

I'l be travelling in a months time and my doctor has prescribed me Valium (diazepam), for anxiety as well as Ambien (zolpidem) for sleep. He said that combining them with alcohol isn't advisable but ...
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Check in cabin bag at Dublin Airport with Aer Lingus

Last time I flew from Dublin Airport with Aer Lingus in August 2019, they sent me a text saying that if I wanted, I could pay €5 and check-in my cabin bag. Do they still offer this? I would like to ...
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Is one-hour layover sufficient at DUB airport?

I'm planning to get to YYZ from GVA via DUB, and Aer Lingus handles both legs. The layover time is just one hour, and I have no experiences in flying with Aer Lingus. Is the one-hour time sufficient ...
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How to get boarding pass during layover?

I'm flying from Cork to London with Aer Lingus and then London to Los Angeles with United after an hour layover in London. United Airlines isn't letting me check in to my flight, saying that my "...
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Dublin airport: am I going through passport control? [duplicate]

I am traveling to London, UK (from Chicago, USA) by an Aer Lingus flight in about 2 weeks time. My first leg is Flight 122 from Chicago to Dublin and my second leg is Flight 154 from Dublin to London. ...
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Layover at Heathrow

(English is not my first language. Apologies in advance for any grammar mistakes!) I am flying to LHR from Dublin with Aer Lingus at 19:20 (Terminal 2) and have an Aeroflot flight leaving for Moscow ...
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If an EU ID card is sufficient to enter Ireland, why did my friend get asked for a passport?

As far as I knew, an EU ID card from any EU member state that issues them should be sufficient documentation to enter any other EU member state directly by air. I recently pointed this out on a ...
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