When is the "comfort women" statue in Ashfield Uniting Church in Sydney accessible to the public? In particular, is it publicly accessible on weekday evenings?

A news article about the statue says that it's located at Ashfield Uniting Church. According to this page about Uniting Church parish missions, the website for the Ashfield Parish Mission is http://ashfieldparishmission.com.au/ , which isn't working. I can see a sign with info about the church via Google Street View, but the resolution is too poor to read the information.

Whereis and Google businesses (or whatever it's called) doesn't have any opening times either.


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Only during the day (working) hours - not the evening, unfortunately.

Two sources:

Their (down) website

Using Google's Cache of http://www.exodusfoundation.org.au/about/parish from December 7th of this year, it notes that:

The congregation of the Ashfield Uniting Church Parish Mission meets every Sunday at 10:00am at 180 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, with Communion held on the first Sunday of each month.

So on Sunday mornings, at least, you'd certainly have access to the grounds.

Via a phone call

Update: Spoke to their receptionist. The statue is on the grounds, around the back of the church. Access to the grounds is from 7am-5pm daily, so unfortunately, not viewable in the evenings, but during the day you can go any day of the week.

Note that over the Christmas period they have a large tent up for an event, so might obscure some angles for photography, if that's your purpose.


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