We are a Norwegian family traveling on United from Oslo via Heathrow then Newark to Toronto Pearson. We have almost 90 minutes between the flight from Heathrow landing in Terminal B (20:30) and the flight to Toronto leaving from Terminal C (21:57).

Do we have enough time to catch our flight to Toronto?

Should we have checked in luggage or should we only take handbags in order not to waste time?

What do we have to do in Newark and how long does it usually take?

This will be on a Thursday evening.


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That may be a very tight fit. You'll need to reclaim your luggage, pass through immigration (if it's packed, it's an easy hour, hour and a half), then bus around or take the air train to C, recheck your luggage and pass through security. If everyone in your party is on the ball and no screaming kids, it might be an easy evolution, but it's possibly to probably going to be a tight fit.

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