Wikimapia shows this building as a night market ("Hua Raw Night Market") in Ayutthaya.
I went at night (7pm) last month, and it was not open.

However, an esplanade 200 meters away was a very busy outside night market, with ~50 stalls. Coordinates: 14.365882, 100.574783

Is it the new location of the night market?
Or was it a special occasion, and Hua Raw still functions as a night market?
Or are they both active night markets, and one just happened to be closed temporarily?

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The location is correct but I think it opens from early morning and shuts around 4pm.


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    But that would be a morning market, basically a regular market. Night markets are a different thing and usually in different locations to morning markets. Feb 8, 2015 at 10:42

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