How can I find out which places are most often frequented in a given area, preferably with a way to categorize places (e.g., restaurant or market)? If country-specific, I'm looking for Thailand.

I first thought of looking at which location has the most reviews/ratings in a given area on Google Maps, but I'm told that using review counts on Google Maps a good approximation for the popularity of a location. What other solutions exist?

The motivations as a traveler to find out which places are most often frequented are well stated in https://www.top-rated.online/ (mirror):

When you travel to a new city, it takes time till you find your new favorite place or visit what's best here. You will want to visit the best places there are, but it is so difficult to find them!

The most reviewed and top rated places are ones that you can trust. But take everything with a grain of salt.

There are also many hidden gems that are extremely good, but are not that popular. Also, always keep an eye on worst reviewed places and tourist traps that you should avoid.

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TripAdvisor usually has a good overview of city's highlights, in the form of `< City >'s top attractions'. It's not perfect, but much more tailored to travellers than google maps, and also curated.

It also has rudimentary categorization.

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