I booked a trip from Hamburg Hbf to Brussels/Bruxelles Midi, entirely with Deutsche Bahn trains. Later, I got an email from Deutsche Bahn stating the following:

Due to a timetable change, your journey from Hamburg Hbf to Bruxelles Midi on 02 February 2024 cannot be carried out as described. Click "Get current information here" for alternative journey options to your destination.

The requirement for you to travel on a specific train on your booked connection has been lifted. This means you can also use your ticket on other Deutsche Bahn long-distance trains (e.g. ICE/IC/EC), as well as local trains and S-Bahn trains.

Please note that you must book a new reservation if your connection requires one (e.g. trains to France).

While this is nice, what's confusing to me is the last section where it states that I must book a new reservation if my connection requires one, with the example being trains to France. Does this apply to the itinerary I'm making, where I'm planning to exclusively use Deutsche Bahn trains? For going from Germany to Bruxelles Midi I'm planning to get on an ICE train in Köln/Cologne, specifically (there are no direct trains from Hamburg Hbf to Bruxelles Midi).


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In einigen Zügen ins Ausland gibt es eine Reservierungspflicht. Die Reservierung ist dann bereits kostenfrei im Ticket enthalten. Die Reservierungspflicht gilt für folgende Züge:

  • Hochgeschwindigkeitszüge (ICE und TGV) nach Frankreich (Paris und Marseille)
  • Züge nach Schweden
  • Züge nach Italien
  • Züge nach Polen


On some trains abroad, you are required to reserve a seat. This reservation will already be included in your ticket. The requirement exists on the following trains:

  • high speed trains (ICE and TGV) to France (Paris and Marseille)
  • trains to Sweden
  • trains to Italy
  • trains to Poland

If you search for such connections, they'll be marked by an "🅁 Reservierungspflicht" on bahn.de. Your Bruxelles Midi train that I checked did not appear with that mark.


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