There are countless hamams (Turkish baths) in Istanbul, but I'm looking for what is apparently an unusual combination of features:

  • Has men's and women's sections open at the same time (many smaller places alternate hours)
  • Allows children 10+ years old (many are officially or in practice adults only)
  • Do not require signing up for some €100+ spa package (like most of the touristy ones near Sultanahmet)
  • Bonus: Historical and at least basic English is spoken

I've found many that tick 3 out of 4, eg. Kılıc Ali Pasa Hamam would be perfect if only they didn't swap the whole place between men and women at 4pm. Suleymaniye comes up in many lists as family-friendly, but they're now 16+ only. Kadırga looks like it might work, but the reviews are quite polarizing, while Sifa Hamami apparently has men & women in the same room, which is quite unusual -- and it's unclear if either accepts children. Suggestions?

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I finally found a hamam that (just barely) ticks all the boxes: Cağaloğlu Hamamı, which ironically enough is also one of the oldest and most famous hamams in Istanbul. It's quite touristy and even the most basic package costs a steep €60, but that's less than my self-imposed limit of €100, it has concurrently operating men's & women's sections, and children over the age of 6 are allowed.

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