I'd like to enjoy the scenery where the following pictures were taken: overview1 overview2

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    Sadly, the dome/roof of the Büyük Valide Han has collapsed down by people who jump/sit on it. Although it has already been forbidden to go to the top of it, almost nobody cared about that rule. Dec 30, 2017 at 17:32

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Local here.

This place is called Büyük Valide Han. It's located in Mahmutpaşa, Fatih. Its roof has an amazing view. A lot of people want to take a selfie or jumping photos on the roof (thanks Instagram), so this place is usually crowded.

You can see similar images if you search its name on Google Search.

enter image description here


I believe they were taken at around 41.014138, 28.968943 (if you zoom right in, you can just make out the lumps they are standing on). There is also a photo sphere at this location with a view that seems similar. The area seems to be known as Büyük Valide Han, which if placed into Google images gives lots of similar looking photos.

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