My Great Western Railways train (GWR) was delayed by 45 minutes, and an announcement was made that 'Delay Repay' claims would be permitted.

I understand that I can submit my tickets through the GWR website for a partial refund. I was part of a group of four travellers (including two children) and had paid for all the rail tickets myself. Can I claim for all the tickets as one claim?

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Yes, according to GWR's Delay Repay FAQs.

I travelled with a group, do I need to claim for each ticket separately?

We know that it’s not always possible, or practical, to claim individually. For example, when you’ve travelled with children. Our online form lets you submit a claim for multiple passengers in one go.

Just upload a copy of all the tickets you are claiming for and let us know how much each of them cost.

  • In December I bought two return tickets, one each for myself and partner, and the GWR train from Bristol Temple Meads to Cardiff Central was stopped just before the Severn Tunnel (there was a broken-down train in the tunnel) and sent back to Bristol eventually. I made one Delay Repay, attaching a scan of both tickets. It was rejected as the tickets had not been cut in two. I resubmitted and got the whole payment back. Commented Feb 19, 2023 at 12:51

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