This question involves two parts where in the first I am looking for the correct visa category, and in the second I have ab inquiry on required documents.

I have been invited for a job interview (for a well known software company) in Germany. I am living and working in Turkey. I need to apply for a Schengen visa. After a thorough research, I have found that Germany offers these type of visas:

  • Business (I assume this is for business visits that my current company is sponsoring)
  • Touristic
  • Visitor (I assume this is for visiting a friend or family)

Which of these categories does my need fall in? (For Ireland, there is a specific other category just for job interviews of highly skilled jobs, this might be the case for Germany)

I have completed the application form and I saw that Germany asks for the following:

  • My paycheck ( I have this)
  • My employment record ( I have this)
  • Bank records and sufficient money for covering the travel( I have a letter from inviting company, and also money in the bank)
  • Flight and hotel ( I have this)
  • Document from my company specifying that I have a leave for the time period of the travel ( I do not have this, my company is heavily bureaucratic, this document would be prepared in two weeks and I do not have this much time)

So, without having the last item would Germany consider my visa positively? I believe they ask this for proving my intention to return home, so do the other documents prove it?


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