Are there any embassies in South or Central America where a visiting foreigner (in particular, a Taiwanese national) could apply for a Mexican tourist visa?

The embassy in São Paulo for instance is unsuitable as they will only issue visas to residents of Brazil.

  • Are you sure that you do not qualify for a visa exemption? – Michael Hampton Apr 7 at 2:33
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    You don't have an APEC Business card, nor any of those visas? – Michael Hampton Apr 7 at 4:01
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    Did you actually talk to the embassy in São Paulo? They might have more flexibility than their published requirements indicate, especially if you have a good reason why you couldn't get it in Taiwan. Another approach would be to get a visa for a country whose visas are accepted for tourist entry to Mexico (ie, any Schengen country, UK, US, Canada, or Japan). – krubo Apr 7 at 20:20
  • @MichaelHampton We didn't know about APEC, thanks, but unfortunately don't have one of those nor are aware of any other such available options. – Dan Parsonson Apr 17 at 20:06

AFAIK, the answer is No.

According to https://www.mexicocity.com/v/visa-requirements/ proof of permanent residency in the country where the application is being made is required to apply for a tourist visa.

  • Thank you - not the answer I was hoping for but it appears to be definitive! – Dan Parsonson Apr 17 at 20:09

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