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For questions specifically about people travelling with Taiwanese passports.

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Is registering a marriage in Taiwan required for Taiwanese citizens living abroad?

Two Canadian citizens are getting married in Canada, and one of them is also a Taiwanese citizen. The couple plan on living in Canada, but will be going to Taiwan to visit family. Are they required to ...
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Documents to visit the UK as a tourist [duplicate]

My next plan is to live (travel) in the UK within 6 months. As a Taiwanese national, we don't have to apply for a visa if our stay is within 6 months, however, we need to prepare documents so ...
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Taiwanese traveling to Europe via Istanbul, do I need a transit visa or e-visa? [duplicate]

I am a Taiwanese passport holder , will travel to Europe transit in Istanbul for 2 hours (inside airport only) , do I need to apply for a transit visa or an e-visa?
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Taiwanese to U.S. travel [duplicate]

After a Taiwanese citizen has visited the U.S. and returned to Taiwan, how long must they stay in Taiwan before returning to the U.S. again?
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Work remotely for a US employer - Travel to US on tourist visa - Work remotely from hotel/friends part time

My girlfriend is a Taiwanese citizen works for a US based company from Taiwan. She wants to visit me for up to 90 days on an ESTA tourist visa. While shes here she wants to sightsee, hang out with ...
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Mexican visa for Taiwanese person while travelling

Are there any embassies in South or Central America where a visiting foreigner (in particular, a Taiwanese national) could apply for a Mexican tourist visa? The embassy in São Paulo for instance is ...
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What is the difference between a visitor's permit and a visa?

According to the The Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in Shanghai >> Travel to Serbia, Holders of Taiwanese passports are issued visitor’s permit for entry into the Republic of Serbia. ...
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Can a dual national fly if one of the passports expires soon?

I'm a dual national and have passports from both New Zealand and Taiwan. I live in Singapore and have a residence permit. The NZ passport will expire in less than 6 months and I am supposed to fly to ...
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Passport from Republic of China traveling to Taiwan with layover in Seoul

I will be traveling to Taiwan with my mother, who has a passport from the Republic of China. We have purchased direct round-trip flights from New York to Taipei via Seoul. We will have two overnight ...
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Can a Taiwanese enter Mexico based on a visa waiver from USA?

I'm British and my girlfriend is Taiwanese. We are currently in the US and have ESTAs (we applied through the US website). I know what I need to do, but can my girlfriend (Taiwan passport) enter ...
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Questions regarding Layover in Vancouver as a New Zealander/Taiwanese

I will be laying over in Vancouver airport at the start of June on my way to Brisbane (from San Deigo). I am flying Air Canada for both legs of the trip but will have a 4.5 hour layover in Vancouver ...
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Taiwanese passport holder entering Croatia

I am a Taiwanese passport holder, I am going to Croatia in 2 days. I just want to confirm visa is not required for Taiwanese passport holder. Any reference from the Croatia official website I can find ...
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I have ESTA. Do I need a visa for Costa Rica?

I am Taiwanese with Taiwanese passport. I will be traveling to USA with ESTA (not visa). However, my friends and I are planning to visit Costa Rica during our stay in USA. Would I be able to travel ...
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Is it possible to super fast-track an application for a Taiwanese citizen to visit the US? [closed]

Short version: If a Taiwanese citizen with a current passport and a clean prior travel record and who has had prior visits to the US wants to visit the US to attend a wedding, is there a way of ...
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Taiwanese traveling to Xiamen, China - do I need to get a visa or Tai Bao Zheng before I go?

Me: US passport and Taiwan passport Trip: Going to Taiwan for a few weeks but also planning on going to Xiamen from Taiwan for a few days. Problem: So far, it seems like it is more annoying to use ...
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