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Wagah/Wahga is the only land border crossing between India and Pakistan that is open to foreign travelers. A famous international border closing ceremony is held there each evening.

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What do I need to do to see the Wagha/Wagah border ceremony from the Pakistani side?

The Wikivoyage article on the Wagah/Wagha "Beating Retreat" ceremony mentions that I can take Minibus No. 4 from Lahore to the Pakistani side of the border, but the section on how to get seated for ...
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Is it possible to cross the border at Wagah with a private car? [duplicate]

I'm an Indian citizen planning to travel from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Calicut (India) by car. I want to know whether I can cross the border at Wagah with my car.
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8 votes
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Is it possible to cross the Wagan border by car?

I was planning a trip by car when I found something a bit weird in Google Maps:if you try to cross from Lahore to India, it tells that you have to 6457 km detour. Is it possible to cross this border ...
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The simplest way to get to and from Wagah border ceremony

I will be staying in Amritsar for a few days but will be on a tight schedule. Since I want to see the Wagah border ceremony, what do you think would be the best way to get from Amritsar to Wagah, see ...
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