I will be staying in Amritsar for a few days but will be on a tight schedule.

Since I want to see the Wagah border ceremony, what do you think would be the best way to get from Amritsar to Wagah, see the ceremony and come back to Amritsar immediately after the closing ends?



three Indian ways to get there.

  1. Shared Autos.

  2. Buses

  3. Private Cabs.

Shared autos will take somewhat around 1 hour to reach there and they will not start until it is full.

Buses you can catch from Amritsar Bus stand and there you must reach a bit early - 45 min drive + 30 min wait in bus.

Private cabs are costlier, on which I traveled took 10 INR/km and it was around 40 km.

The ceremony starts about 5:15PM and you have to be there 15 min early to get a seat and at least an hour early to get front rows. You have to add 10 min of walk from parking to ceremony place, so plan accordingly.

  • Thank you for the info... I think the cab is the way to go... – rlesko Jan 16 '12 at 15:34

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