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Contactless cards used to pay public transport fares in Malta.

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Which cities' transit cards interfere with each other? [closed]

Many public transit systems now use RFID cards for fare payments. Sometimes, multiple cities purchase systems from the same vendor, or use the same design, such that if you put cards for both cities ...
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Purchasing monthly personalised Tallinja Cards

My wife and I are U.K. citizens and will be visiting Malta for six weeks from 3rd March this year. We are booked into the Plaza Hotels in Sliema. Is it possible for us to purchase monthly personalised ...
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Can two people share a 12-trip Tallinja card when traveling together in Malta?

Looking at the Maltese public transport page for non-personalised tickets, following on from my earlier question on Tallinja cards, I see that they offer a 12-trip card for €15. I'm not sure if I'll ...
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Can I get a Tallinja card on arrival at Malta airport?

I gather that as of summer 2015, Malta has introduced a stored-value card for use on buses, much along the lines of London's Oyster card or Hong Kong's Octopus card. The Maltese version is called a ...
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