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Questions regarding accepted social behaviors at travel destinations.

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What is the social rule regarding eye-contact in Poland?

Do Polish people in Eastern (historic Russian) Poland avoid eye contact while talking to brown people, or, is it a social norm in Poland? If it is a social norm, is this also prevalent in Western (...
11 votes
2 answers

Bringing present to a culture interview meeting in Germany?

Weird or not, I dunno, it's common in here; Iran. No matter how I hate it personally, it's considered as a gesture of good will, not bribery. My wife insists that it's a good idea to bring some ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Legal status of voluntary homelessness among tourists/short term visitors

I was wondering if one got a passport and decided to take a trip and short term stay in another country, but voluntarily chose to be homeless after entry, would it be a crime or an infraction? Say I ...
15 votes
2 answers

Bumping into people on the street in the UK

Probably most of us have been in this situation when walking on the street and somebody else coming in the opposite direction, for a moment both hesitate on which side to take and doing a mini-awkward ...
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1 answer

How do you deal with beggars? [duplicate]

Where I live, there are hardly any beggars. But wherever I travel (big cities, small cities -- really anywhere) I keep occasionally running into beggars. Now, I do sympathise with these people, but I ...
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How friendly is the Netherlands to vagabonds?

I have a friend who likes to walk, bike, camp and exercise the freedom to be wherever she is as long as it's not disruptive of others. For her it's a spiritual need and a philosophical/political ...
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