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Previously known by some as Poona, a city in Maharashtra State, India.

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Pune Airport, India -- When to enter terminal for a 04:10am flight?

I've read that at Indian airport, you may only be allowed to enter the terminal relatively shortly before your plane leaves. For a 4:10am international departure from Pune airport in India (on a ...
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Chennai or Pune for starting location on India Trip

I will be going on business to India and I have the choice of either going to work in Pune or Chennai for a month. I work in IT. After that I am planning to take 2 weeks holiday to travel around India,...
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Chennai to Pune - bus or train?

Summary: I'm looking for the best photo-taking reasonably priced journey experience when travelling by land from Chennai to Pune in India. This seems to leave a bus vs train choice. Car travel ...
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