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Podgorica, the capital and largest city of Montenegro. Formerly Titograd.

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Getting to Kotor from Podgorica Airport

A traveller from Vienna wants to meet up with her friends in Kotor, Montenegro. Because there were no good flights to the nearby Tivat Airport, she instead booked a flight to Podgorica Airport, ...
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where to buy a SIM card in Podgorica, Montenegro?

Will I be able to buy a SIM card in Podgorica, Montenegro so I can use it when I'll be traveling there? Where to buy it and how much will it cost?
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where can I buy bus tickets in Podgorica?

According to , there is public transport in Podgorica - there is a dozen lines of local buses. Where can I buy tickets for those buses?
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Is it possible to sleep at Podgorica airport?

I will fly to Podgorica, Montenegro. My plane arrives about 23:30, so I would like to sleep at the airport until something like 06:00 and then go to the city. Is it possible to sleep at the Podgorica ...
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How to get from Podgorica airport to Budva by public transportation?

Is there a way to get from Podgorica airport to Budva by public transportation?
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Bus from Mostar to Podgorica

I would like to take the bus from Mostar to Podgorica. Is there any? I can't find much info online. I did find MontenegroHostel is running a shuttle service from Mostar to Kotor, but considering that ...
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3 answers

Shuttle bus from Podgorica town to the airport?

It seems tricky, but it's a capital, there must be some public transport to the airport, right? What I can find online is some outdated posts mentioning there's a shuttle arranged by Montenegro ...