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For questions regarding ice including icy weather and plane de-icing .

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First class travel from Paris to Göttingen by German ICE train - a few related questions

I'm traveling September 26 from Paris, France to Göttingen, Germany in the German train ICE, in its first class, as follows: My questions are: Is the 34 minute interchange at Karlsruhe enough time ...
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Is Dachstein Ice Cave a good idea for 60 year olds?

I was planning to visit an ice-cave near Salzburg (Werfen or Dachstein) till I read about the level of fitness required. I'm travelling with my parents both over 60- and while they are fit, my mom ...
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In France, in winter, when do the authorities put salt on the roads?

In France what is the procedure followed by the authorities when deciding when to put salt on a road to avoid black ice? Do they observe the weather and scatter salt just in time? Or do the ...
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Can I take a scheduled bus on an ice road?

In northern Russia (and to a much lesser degree elsewhere), many communities are only reachable by river. In summer there are scheduled boat services on those rivers (see Overview (map) of Russian ...
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Salzburg: Eisriesenwelt, Only hiking from bottom to top [closed]

I am travelling to Werfer, to see the amazing ice caves of Eisriesenwelt. In the spirit of enjoying the views and saving money, I thought of trekking the whole route from Werfen bahnhof (railway ...
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