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Questions tagged [footwear]

Shoes, socks and other footwear. Different from the "clothing" and "barefoot" tags.

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3 answers

In winter, do Norwegians typically change shoes at the door in a business setting?

I'm visiting Norway on business next week. Our partner company is an engineering firm (metal fabrication, etc) in the northern part of the country. I expect to spend most of the trip in ordinary ...
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What should I look for in footwear for walking long distances in mostly urban areas while carrying a heavy backpack?

I want to start looking for the footwear for my next world hitchhiking trip. On my last two trips I got name brand hiking shoes (Kathmandu and Merrell) but the soles wore out before each trip was up. ...
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Waterproof shoes or (more comfortable) trainers for walking a lot in Paris in October? [closed]

I'm going to Paris this month and I'm planning to walk a lot from one attraction to another. Are waterproof shoes a 'must-have' for this or is the rain not too aggressive? If waterproof shoes/...
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Outdoor clothing and shoes brands that people wear in Iceland [closed]

I was wondering, maybe for future purposes of visiting, what kind of outdoor clothing and shoes brands do people wear in Iceland, with focus on Reykjavik, during the whole year, but especially during ...
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How can I make my boots less of a nuisance in the airport?

I wear boots for business wear due to some foot issues, but they can be a pain when going through airport security. Airport security often requires you to remove your shoes before you pass through ...
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What shoes required for simple trekking in Georgia?

I'm planning a trip in Georgia, where I plan to visit main cities and spend a few days on trekking in mountains. I don't plan any glacier trekking or climbing, just a bit walking below. I know the ...
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Keen sandals for use in hot, dry climates

I've picked up the Keen's Arroyo II sandals recently, but I'm wondering if they'll be cool enough for my purposes. I'll be traveling though North Africa through June and July where temperatures are ...
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What are some good shoe options for a RTW trip?

It seems that everyone I have read about taking a round-the-world backpacking trip wears some type of shoe that looks like this: They are like a hiking shoe/sandal hybrid, made by Keen, or Merrell or ...
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Which places would require hiking boots?

What type of hiking do you need to be doing where you absolutely need hiking boots? I'm looking to do some hiking in SE Asia and South America, but won't have room in my pack for boots. What reasons ...
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2 answers

What kind of clothes and footwear are ideal to visit Egypt?

I'm planning to visit a few places in Egypt during the month of January or February. The locations on my itinerary are: Cairo Alexandria Aswan Abu Simbel Luxor I plan to spend anywhere from 1 to 2 ...
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Choosing hiking shoes [closed]

What and how should I look for when choosing a pair of good hiking shoes? I need a pair that keeps water out and that I can wear both when hiking and through cities (so I don't need to carry another ...
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Shoes for long flight

Does anyone have recommendations for great shoes for a long flight? I usually wear running shoes, but my feet often get very uncomfortable after a few hours.
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