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The region of Africa north of the Sahara: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

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Getting foreign license plates remotely (for specific countries). Is this possible?

I'm hoping to travel from Europe (Germany) to India in a van. My route would not be a straight one. Here's the route as I have currently (preliminarily) planned it. This would take me from Germany ...
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Are women allowed to have dreadlocks in the Maghreb region?

My friend and I are planning to travel to the Maghreb region once it is safer to do so. She has fairly long (maybe chest length) dreadlocks and we were wondering if we might run into any issues while ...
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Travel in Africa from South to North [closed]

Is there a safe (as much as possible) route to travel in Africa, from South to North? Starting in South Africa, and going all the way up to Cairo, Egypt? Without taking flight, only public ...
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Using Modern Standard Arabic in Arabic-speaking countries

There are a lot of Arabic-speaking countries each with its own variety of an Arabic dialect with a Modern Standard Arabic (MSA or "Fusha") being the language of the media and official speech, and ...
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Driving my car from Tangier to Nouadhibou

I plan to drive my Seat from Ghent to Nouadhibou via Tangier and to sell it there. Timing will be the first two weeks of January. I'm preparing, and in search of practical information. Anybody know ...
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Work in exchange for food and dorming at a Buddhist temple

For a while, I've been fantasizing about running away to a Buddhist temple for a month or so to work in exchange for hours of group meditation time, dorming, and food. I'm going to be spending the ...
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Definitive list of countries where a head scarf is required for woman [closed]

Having travelled extensively throughout my life it has only become recently in adulthood that there are certain customs to which you must abide by when travelling in or through certain countries. The ...
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Dual nationality, not sure how to switch passports! [duplicate]

I am a US and EU citizen residing in the US. I am going backpacking throughout Africa and want to travel on my EU passport. My flight is US–Paris–Tunis–Cairo. When do I use each passport? Do I book my ...
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Greece to Africa by ship?

Using Google Maps, I can't see any connections between Crete and Africa. In fact, I can't find any connections from Greece at all. Why is this?
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Keen sandals for use in hot, dry climates

I've picked up the Keen's Arroyo II sandals recently, but I'm wondering if they'll be cool enough for my purposes. I'll be traveling though North Africa through June and July where temperatures are ...
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Do self-contained luxury resorts exist in the desert in North Africa or the Middle East?

I want to take my two elderly parents on a once-in-a-lifetime trip abroad. They have never left the UK in the past so it's very important that wherever we visit feels very different from the UK in ...
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