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Questions tagged [ethiopian-airlines]

For questions about travelling on Ethiopian airlines (including, but not limited to ticketing and baggage policies), use the air-travel tag as well when appropriate.

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Is Addis Ababa safe if I only stay inside the airport for a couple of hours?

I have a flight from India to Israel via Addis Ababa with a layover for 8 h 15 mn. I have two questions: Are Indians allowed to stay there for 8 h 15 mn without a transit visa? Am I safe there if I ...
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Is it possible to use Ethiopian airlines to travel from Dublin to LAX?

I remember back in 2017 booking a flight with Ethiopian airlines from Dublin to Los Angeles. The flight was surprisingly cheap (€600) for a return. Unfortunately, I no longer see the airline on flight ...
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Can I travel on a valid Canadian visa in an old/expired passport? [duplicate]

I recently renewed my passport in February 2020. I have a valid Canadian visitor visa in my old passport (with expiry date 30/09/2020, the visa also expires 30/09/2020). I had planned to travel to ...
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Asked by Ethiopian airlines to pay 3500 USD for being rejected entry to Indonesia

My brother is a cyclist in one of Philippine cycling teams and invited to the 11th Tour De Singkarak. He took the flight to Indonesia from Asmara with Ethiopian Airlines. But up on arrival He was ...
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Ethiopian Airlines tickets seem to always have the same price regardless of the proximity of the date?

UPDATE: Ethiopian Airlines indeed offers a currently 66% discount on domestic flights, if you're an Ethiopian resident, or if you fly into/out of Ethiopian with Ethiopian Airlines. When trying to book ...
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Multi-hop transit visa in Addis Ababa and Dublin clarification for Indian passport holder

I'm hoping to fly this long-haul multi-hop trip to reach San Diego on the west coast of the USA from Tokyo, Japan by flying westward. I have an Indian passport, Japanese residence card and valid US ...
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5 votes
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Can alcohol be requested at any time on an Ethiopian Airlines flight?

I'm travelling to LAX from Dublin and I would like to just a nice buzz that puts me to sleep. I do know that with unruly passengers, the cabin crews of many airlines are wary of offering too much ...
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Does a USB to UK socket adapter exist?

I hope this isn't too confusing. I'm travelling on Ethiopian Airlines in a few days and I see that the flight has a USB. I know that I can charge my electronic devices however the most important ...
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Is US pre-clearance avaiable for Ethiopian Airlines at Dublin Airport?

I will be travelling to Los Angeles in a few weeks using Ethiopian airlines and would like to know whether I can avail of the pre-clearance service. The answers I've gotten so far are confusing as ...
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2 answers

Can I use external movie source on Ethopian Airlines 787?

I just booked a flight on Ethiopian Airlines and I saw that the plane is a Boeing 787-8. (Dreamliner??) I'm traveling with a child and I was wondering if it's possible to plug an external USB with my ...
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