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Sometimes Addis Abeba, the capital city of and a state in the centre of Ethiopia.

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transferring between terminals in Bole International airport (Addis Ababa)

I am arriving into Addis Ababa through Terminal 1 and I need to transfer to Terminal 2 for a connecting flight. Do I need to clear immigration for this? Or is it alright to stay airside with the need ...
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Addis Ababa: cash vs card usage?

I am traveling to Addis Ababa for just 5 days. From the viewpoint of safety as well as convinience credit cards seem easier. But just wanted to check how popular is card usage? Can I get by with cards ...
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1 hour 10 minute layover in Addis Ababa?

I am looking at going through Addis Ababa on my way to Cape Town. It seems that this should be enough time and that I didn't have to go through immigration until I get to South Africa- is this still ...
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Multi-hop transit visa in Addis Ababa and Dublin clarification for Indian passport holder

I'm hoping to fly this long-haul multi-hop trip to reach San Diego on the west coast of the USA from Tokyo, Japan by flying westward. I have an Indian passport, Japanese residence card and valid US ...
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Is there somewhere in Addis Ababa a visitor can get online during an internet shutdown?

I'm considering a long business trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. One risk is that Ethiopia is one of those countries where the government periodically shuts down internet access, which could cause me ...
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Is US pre-clearance avaiable for Ethiopian Airlines at Dublin Airport?

I will be travelling to Los Angeles in a few weeks using Ethiopian airlines and would like to know whether I can avail of the pre-clearance service. The answers I've gotten so far are confusing as ...
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Can anything be done when denied boarding due to missing but not required visa?

Can we get compensation because of denied boarding? Ethiopia Airlines denied boarding to passengers with Yemen passports and immigration visas for the USA. They booked two tickets to travel on two ...
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Where can I find a decent place to do remote work in Addis Ababa?

I will be living in Addis Ababa from the end of February until the end of August. I normally work as a software developer in Sweden and I hope to continue doing that in Ethiopia (albeit remotely). ...
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Layover in Addis Ababa: need to collect checked luggage?

I'm going to travel from Mumbai to Durban on Ethopian airlines. It is my first time traveling alone. My layover in Addis Ababa is only 40 minutes. Do I need to collect my luggage in Addis?
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Finding Tella in Ethiopia (on fasting days)

I will have a stopover Addis Ababa, and am interested in trying tella, an Ethiopian beer. I have heard that Ethiopians typically "fast" on Fridays. Does the fast include abstention from alcohol? Is ...
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Want to know more about managua vip service [duplicate]

How can I contact the managua airport vip service?
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Day trips from Addis Ababa with public transport. Is it possible?

I was wondering if there are some nice day trips departing from Addis Ababa. I prefer to use any kind of public transport other than agencies or another kind of tranport.
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Trekking near Addis Ababa, where can one do it?

I would like to do some trekking near Addis Ababa. I googled for it and the only things I found were 10 day hikes, provided by some local companies. Unfortunatly I don't have that kind of time. Are ...
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How far can one go from Addis Ababa without needing prevention medication for Malaria?

I am travelling to Ethiopia and I was informed that you don't need medication regarding Malaria if you go to Addis Ababa. This is due to the fact that the city is above 2000mts where the mosquitos ...
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How safe is Addis Ababa?

I have a friend traveling to Addis Ababa. He is a bit worried since it's his first time outside Europe. How safe is the city? Can you walk alone? is it dangerous to a foreigner not used to travel in ...
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