I will be visiting Quebec City later this summer and want to spend some time hiking. In NY (where I live) there are various hiking challenges one can complete. For example: hiking the 12 mountains around Lake George or the 6 mountains around Saranac Lake. Completion of these challenges makes an individual eligible to have their name on the official list and often to receive a hiking patch/badge. I am wondering if there any such challenges in Quebec.

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Each administrative region might have their own type of challenge. From what I found, the region of Charlevoix (which is magnificent and relatively close to Quebec City) provide some type of certificate to anyone able to climb the 5 mountain tops around the region. Sadly, their website is only in French: https://www.traverseedecharlevoix.qc.ca/defides5sommets

From the inscription form, a translation of what to do would be: The five summits are: The Mont Élie, the Mont des Morios, the Acropole des Draveurs, the Mont-du-Lac-des-Cygnes and the Mont du Lac-à-l'Empêche et Du Four. The dates are: from 10th of June to October 31st, 2017! The pictures must be sent to [email protected]

You have to fill the inscription form, then climb the mountains and take pictures from each summit and send them to the email address.


Most of the hiking options are around the city, but it's easy enough to forget Quebec City itself is built on a hill (It's actually the only fragment of the Appalachian region--As it's known in Canada--that is located West of the Saint Lawrence River), and it is lined with cliffs. There are about 30 stairs that connect the ''Haute-Ville'' and the ''Basse-Ville'', and there's a hiking/running challenge, the Défi Escaliers that involve climbing a bunch of them. I managed to find a map.

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