I've decided to go spend 2 weeks in Quebec with my wife this summer.

Our plan for now is to

  • spend a few days in Montreal (where our plane lands, coming from France)
  • spend a few days in Quebec City
  • rent a car and spend a week exploring Quebec's surrounding, maybe towards the north and Tadoussac, probably hiking a little in the mountains
  • go back to Montreal (and take the plane)

I'd like to know where I can find hiking maps and topos for the region between Quebec City and Tadoussac. Is it possible to walk about everywhere in the mountains or are there many restricted areas ?

Any advice regarding small hiking trips in this region welcome !

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I know that the question is bit old but I feel my answer can be useful for other users.

Since you are willing to go as far as Tadoussac, I will recommend two other parks:

  1. Parc national des grands jardins (2h15 from Quebec-City)
  2. Parc national des hautes gorges de la rivière Malbaie (2h30 from Quebec-City)

I will recommend the Pioui trail at the Grand Jardins Park and l’acropole des draveurs trail at the hautes gorges de la rivière Malbaie.

Last but not least: Jacques-Cartier is nice and close to Quebec but I feel Jacques-Cartier is better suited for water activities (kayaking or fishing). Furthermore, unlike the two parks above, I will not consider Jacques-Cartier in my top 5 parks in Quebec. Nerveless, if you wish to go hiking to Jacques-Cartier, I will recommend the following hiking trail:

  • Des loups
  • Scotora

Since pictures speaks louder than words, I uploaded some pictures.

Parc des grands jardins: Parc des grands Jardins Parc des hautes gorges de la rivière Malbaie: Parc des hautes gorges de la rivière Malbaie Parc Jacques-Cartier - Des loups trail: Des loups Parc Jacques-Cartier - Scotora trail: Scotora

  • Hey, yes it's old and I had quite forgotten this question. I can confirm those are good advices as I did almost everything you suggested (apart Jacques-Cartier). I'll add that swimming in a quiet bay of the Saguenay river is very cool too (and cold, yes). May 7, 2014 at 16:12

Only thirty minutes outside of Quebec City there are scenic hiking trails where you feel like you are miles away from civilization. The hiking trails at Jacques-Cartier National Park range from trails for the most experienced hikers to climb to the top of the mountain.

Jacques-Cartier National Park is located just thirty minutes north of Quebec City. It is a part of the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve and has 100km of hiking trails with some linking to the National Hiking Trail.

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