I'm looking for paper or pdf schedules of isreali bus routes (that i can use with out internet coverage) i found for the golan routes http://www.golanbus.co.il/Files/art_files/lozhdash72017.pdf but im having trouble finding for the other bus companies i do read hebrew so that helps

  • It seems like all companies have schedules on their sites, but you must choose the line number to get the info. I don't see a way to get all lines in one file.
    – ugoren
    Jul 27, 2017 at 19:33

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No such PDF schedules currently exist, at least none that are up to date. You are therefore recommended to either write down the times in advance or buy a local SIM card to allow yourself to be permanently connected. I have traveled in the Golan Heights this year and connectivity was generally great.

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