I'm looking to get a feeling for the bus prices for the trip Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. Plataforma10.com gives me a price of AR$ 2350,00 (~271 US$) with Crucero del Norte, which I find a bit high.

I've read other people saying it's about 100 US$, but haven't found official sources (bus company websites?).

One way flights are about 230 US$ (if you book in advance), which made me think to go for a flight instead.

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    Note that if you take advantage of the unofficial "blue peso" exchange rate, then AR$ 2350 is around 190 US$. Feb 7 '15 at 1:09

Rome2Rio quotes 1100 pesos (127USD) as the minimum, and links to the bus company website. So I guess it depends on the day of travel / purchase.

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