I am a German citizen flying to Kathmandu in November. I have a layover in Kuwait for 4 hours. I will need to recheck-in my luggage.

I will leave the international zone to recheck-in my baggage? Do I need a transit visa?

Also, what do I need to do to get the transit visa? I got the information that I will need a visa for the next country I will travel to. But in Kathmandu I would get the visa on arrival.

Does anyone have experience with the transit visa?

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Since you need to collect your luggage and check in again, you'll have to go through immigration. According to Timatic, German citizens do need visas to enter Kuwait. The same source also says that you are eligible for a visa on arrival, for a fee of "no more than KWD 3" (€9).

If you want to save time while transiting, you could also get an e-visa in advance. German citizens are eligible. You can apply using this website.

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