Myself and my friends are planning to stay inside a forest for a night and want to feel that experience during the mid of September. In INDIA, is there any places where I can get that amazing experience.?

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  • @pnuts the context is : wanna stay in a house(bamboo house/wood house) inside a forest and have a sight seeing inside the forest at day time. – Murali Kathir Aug 11 '15 at 12:46

There are plenty of options available, subject to accommodation availability and the season. Since you plan for September, I deliberately eliminate major wildlife sanctuaries since possibilities of getting permits done are rare.

  1. Agumbe. State: Karnataka.
  2. Koyna Nagar. State: Maharashtra.
  3. Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary. State: Maharashtra.
  4. Mudumalai. State: Tamilnadu.
  5. kareri Lake Campsites near Shimla. State: Himachal Pradesh.
  6. Coorg. State: Karnataka.
  7. Bamnoli near Satara. State: Maharashtra.
  8. Amboli. State: Maharastra.
  9. Tapola near Mahabaleshwar. State: Maharashtra.

and so on.. The list doesn't end.

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