I booked a TGV a while ago with a discount card, the conditions of the ticket are that I can get refunded entirely before the departure of the train, and a fee is withheld if I cancel my ticket the day of the trip.

I received a text saying that the train will not run and I can receive a full refund if I cancel my trip. But when I go online, if I click "Cancel" the only option is to pay the fee (my trip is today). On the mobile app, the "Cancel" button is not even available.

I would like to know how I can get a full refund. Apparently according to the text I received, I can get a refund if I go to the station. But is there a way to get a refund without going to the station (as I do not want to take the train any more)?

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According to the international site of SNCF, you can ask a refund via post:

To obtain a refund write to:

Service relations clients SNCF

62973 Arras cedex 09


It specifies that you need to send:

the original tickets if you have received them

your booking reference

your full contact details (full name, address and phone number)

Note that I haven't actually tried this.


You can call the SNCF phone line on 36 38, they will cancel your tickets based on its reference . Assuming you old that big old kind of tickets, not an e-billet or a regional ticket. Black and white, without a QR-code but with the mention à composter avant l'accès au train, your reference are the six letters next to dossier on the lower right corner. Then you will need to return your ticket to a station or by mail to actually get refunded.

According to the French FAQ (wich has not been translated in english) you should be able to cancel any ticket on a strike day with no fee. Even usually-not-refundable tickets (like Prem's) are refundable. This pages says that you can even get refunded after departure times on strike days.

Good to know ; on strike, and if your train is cancelled, you can take any other train that goes to your destination without additionnals fees -- even with non-exchangeable tickets.

Those details may varry from one strike to another, depending of it's duration and geographical area.

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    The question is how to do it in practice. I am pretty sure Vince is familiar with the theory. You do cover that a little bit (+1) but you might want to add details on this aspect to improve your answer.
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