I am traveling from the United States to India via British Airways with a 4 hour layover in London. My current H1-B visa has expired, but I have the approval for my extension (I-797) and I plan to get the visa stamped in India.

  • Do I need a Direct Air Transit Visa (DATV) or a Visitor in Transit Visa.
  • Is there a list for the detailed procedure to apply for the relevant Visa.
  • Can I give and collect the passport in person from the consulate?

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In general, Indian citizens do need a direct airside transit visa in this scenario. But you might be exempted based either on your visa (if you entered less than 6 months ago) or on the I-797 (but there are different types of I-797 so it's a little confusing). See gov.uk.

If you don't need to pass through UK immigration (e.g. to switch airports or collect your luggage), you don't need a visitor in transit visa. For a 4-hour layover with only one airline, I assume it's your case.

Since the airline will decide if you can board the plane or not, you might want to contact them to ask what their rules are.

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