My wife and I often use the eastern pedestrian border crossing from Tijuana to San Ysidro, and occasionally have to stop into the permit office to renew our I-94 permissions.

On Monday the PedWest facility reopened, and we are considering using this crossing as a potentially quicker entry into the US, but are unsure how I-94's are processed here - whether we can renew them at PedWest or whether we'd still be required to use the permit office from the eastern side.

Is there facility to renew I-94 permissions at PedWest, and how do we get to it? The only info I was able to find online was from 2016 when PedWest first opened, which mentions needing to enter the office from the north, which to me would be from the US side so not psosible if you can't enter the US without a current permit, and doesn't really make sense to me.

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My wife used the PedWest facility yesterday, and there is no ability to obtain or renew the I-94 permit at this border crossing. She asked and was told that to get an I-94 she would need to use the eastern pedestrian border crossing instead.

In fact, there were CBP officers at the border gate checking every foreign passport for a current I-94 stamp before even allowing them through. I am not sure how this would have worked had there been no stamp, as is common/standard now when flying into the US, however she didn't think to ask this at the time.

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