My family and I have B1/B2 visitor visas for the US. We also have SENTRI cards through the Trusted Traveler Program, for when we cross via the land border into the US.

Before the southern border closed (approx April 2020) we rarely had to show our passports/visas when entering the US by land, we just showed our SENTRI cards.

Since the border re-opened, however (approx Feb 2022), we have been asked to show our visas and/or our entry stamp almost every time we cross into the US. It seems odd to me since the SENTRI card will show them a photo and all our passport/visa/I-94 info on their screens before we even get to the booth.

Has there been a change in policy where a visitor visa must be sighted every crossing now, even with Trusted Traveler? What has brought about this change? I am unsure whether it coincides with the change in how I-94's are issued (via the app now), or whether it's related to the Ukraine war (I know that Russian citizens are being stopped from entering the US, even those with valid visas)

We've not been delayed or detained at all, just asked the question something like "Do you have your visas with you, can I see them?" and a couple of times they've also asked "where is the latest entry stamp?"

We mostly cross by car, but this has also happened the two times we crossed on foot (plus once by land from Canada, but I was unsure whether that was because they're not used to seeing SENTRI cards there)


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